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We introduce ourselves – the GMEC team

We serve as the link between you and our manufacturers. With our assistance, you can reduce your production costs without having to worry about logistics issues or language barriers.

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Our Team

Ulrich Koch

Managing Director & Technical Management

Anja Koch

Procuration & Financial Management

Andreas Albrecht

Project Management & Warehouse/Logistics

Of course, there are additional team members who support us in our daily tasks. Together, we work to ensure that you, as our customer, are satisfied with our performance at the end of the day and that your individual requirements are met. At this point, we would like to introduce you to the individuals in our team who you will be in direct contact with.


Managing Director

Ulrich Koch is a trained radio and television technician master. During his tenure as the Technical Director of a mid-sized company in the automotive and electronics supply industry with a production facility in the Czech Republic, he wondered why only larger companies were benefiting from the advantages of Eastern Europe while small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany were unable to access this opportunity. Through his collaboration with business partners, he recognized the language and logistical barriers that made it difficult for companies to take this step on their own.

In 2005, Ulrich Koch founded GMEC Global Market Electronic Circuits GmbH to supply both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations in the field of electronics and mechanics. With his technical expertise and creative problem-solving approaches, he advises and inspires his customers daily.


Procuration & Financial Management

Anja Koch is a graduate in business studies. Towards the end of her studies at the University of Mannheim, her father asked her to take a look behind the scenes of the company and examine whether and how existing processes as well as the utilization of the ERP system could be optimized. Since 2010, she has been injecting fresh energy into the company by consistently questioning existing processes and successfully implementing improvements.

In addition to her role as an optimization expert, she also serves as the financial manager responsible for all financial processes within the company. In this capacity, she acts as a liaison between customers and suppliers to ensure seamless communication.

  • We introduce ourselves – the network behind GMEC

    Eastern Europe is the perfect location for cost savings in production. That's why we collaborate with approximately 40 manufacturers in the field of electronics and mechanics who can produce your products more affordably for you.

Our Network

We collaborate with approximately 40 manufacturers in the fields of electronics and mechanics in Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Far East. This allows us to combine their knowledge, skills, capacities, and efficiency to offer our customers a cost-effective outsourcing of their products.




Experienced manufacturers*


Total employees*


Total production area*

*Sum of all manufacturers in the GMEC network in 2023

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    Benefit from cost-effective production in Eastern Europe, German customer service, and convenient deliveries from Waldbronn. This combination optimally supports your projects.

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